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Delegate Alex Askew to Serve as Secretary of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus 


From the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus; congratulations to the very impressive Del. Alex Askew!

Delegate Alex Askew to Serve as Secretary of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus 

Richmond, VA – The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus (VLBC) is excited to welcome Delegate Alex Askew (D-85th, Virginia Beach) as the newest member of the VLBC Executive Committee as he begins his service as Secretary for the VLBC. Delegate Marcia “Cia” Price (D-95th, Newport News) had served previously as Caucus Secretary.

“It was an honor to serve in the capacity of Secretary for the VLBC and now I look forward to Delegate Askew’s contributions in this role,” said Del. Price, who has been serving an extended term in this Committee position in order to allow for a proper transition to a new Secretary.

Del. Askew, a freshman legislator, saw many legislative successes this past session, including passage of bills that require all public schools and daycares to test for lead in their drinking water, expand workers’ compensation for firefighters, repeal several lines of racist Jim Crow era language in Virginia’s code, and create a dedicated source of funding for Hampton Roads Transit.

“I am excited to serve in this role as the Secretary for the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus and I am looking forward to continuing the work of Delegate Price,” said Del. Askew. “Right now, the VLBC’s mission is more important than ever. We have a unique opportunity to build off of our recent legislative successes and continue working towards making the Commonwealth an equal and equitable place for all Virginians.”

Del. Askew has years of experience in public service and government work prior to being a legislator. As a former legislative aide for the House of Delegates, he previously worked on key legislation such as the Ashanti Alert (a public alert system for missing and endangered adults), Medicaid expansion, affordable housing expansion, and school safety initiatives.

“Delegate Price has been a vital Executive Committee member as we seek to fulfill the mission of the VLBC,” said Chairman Lamont Bagby (D-74th, Henrico). “We thank Delegate Price for her dedicated service and commitment in this role, and for agreeing to serve an extended term in leadership. We look forward to Delegate Askew serving and we are confident he will further contribute to the VLBC’s commitment to improving the economic, educational, political, and social conditions of African Americans as well as of historically underrepresented groups in Virginia.”


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