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Johns Hopkins University Analysis: Virginia One of Just 17 States Addressing All 12 Components of School Reopening

Also, note that large school districts in Virginia and around the country are tending towards remote learning


interesting information from Johns Hopkins University’s eSchool+ Initiative and Education Week’s School Districts’ Reopening Plans. A few takeaways regarding Virginia schools’ reopening plans include:

  • Virginia is one of only 17 states that address all 12 components (Core Academics, SARS CoV2 Protection, Before & After School Programs, School Access & Transportation, Student Health Services, Food & Nutrition, Parent Choice, Teacher & Staff Choice, Children with special needs / ESL / Gifted and Twice Exceptional, Children of poverty and systemic disadvantage, Privacy, Engagement and Transparency) in their guidance. Nice job Virginia!
  • Large school divisions around the nation are more likely to go all virtual, with exceptions especially in the South (e.g., Florida, Georgia).  Also, many of these divisions are increasingly moving towards starting the fall semester in all-virtual mode. A few other large school divisions (e.g., NY City and Philadelphia) are in “Hybrid/Partial” reopening mode, while others (e.g., Chicago, Dallas) are undecided…
  • See below for how large school districts in Virginia are planning to reopen school this fall. Note that many of the biggest ones – Fairfax County, Prince William County, Loudoun County, Chesterfield County, Arlington County, Richmond County – are largely going for remote learning only, while Virginia Beach is undecided at the moment, and Stafford County is in a “Hybrid/Partial” reopening mode.



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