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New Poll: On COVID-19 Response, Virginians Strongly (54%-28%) Approve of Gov. Northam, Strongly (19%-73%!) DISAPPROVE of Trump

81% of Virginians are following COVID-19 restrictions put in place


See below for key findings from the brand-new Hampton University poll of Virginia:

  • “A majority of Virginians were pleased with the Governor of Virginia and his handling of the response to the coronavirus pandemic in the Commonwealth (54% approval)”
  • Virginians strongly disapprove of how President Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus pandemic (73%)”
  • “Virginians surveyed approve of the manner in which the state government handled the pandemic (54%) and the response by their local government (52%). Those surveyed strongly disapprove of the handling of the coronavirus outbreak by the federal government (60%).”
  • Democrats strongly approve of the state’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak (72%). Republicans are split with 42% disapproving and 40% approving the state’s response. While 46% of those identifying as Independents disapprove and 35% approve of how the state is handling the pandemic.”
  • 81% are following the restrictions put in place, including such measures as wearing a mask when leaving home (80%), avoiding other people as much as possible (69%), and, keeping six feet away from people who are not in their household (74%).”
  • “77% of Virginians do not have a close friend or relative who has been diagnosed by a health care provider.”
  • “While only 28% think the Virginia economy will get better in the next year, 45% think it will get somewhat worse or much worse.”
  • “While a small percentage of Virginians surveyed have been laid off or filed for unemployment, the personal financial situation of 45% of those surveyed has not been impacted by coronavirus outbreak.”

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