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Richmond Judge Who Issued Injunction Against Removing Any More Confederate Monuments Once Threatened to Emigrate Due to Busing, “Parasites” Voting and Becoming “Dominant Force in Politics”


Wait, what? This guy – Bradley Cavedo – is the same person (albeit several decades older) who’s now the Richmond Circuit judge busy blocking removal of Confederate monuments?!?

A judge issued an injunction Thursday barring the city of Richmond from removing any more Confederate monuments, a process that began last week after Mayor Levar Stoney ordered the statues cleared away amid weeks of protests over police brutality and racism.

Richmond Circuit Court Judge Bradley Cavedo issued the decision after a hearing in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by an unnamed plaintiff, local media outlets reported. The lawsuit asked for an emergency injunction to halt the removal of the statues and alleged that Stoney violated state law by ordering their immediate removal.

Yet this is the same guy who once wrote – albeit a long time ago, back in 1977, but still…sheesh – that he was going to leave the country because of:

  • “[T]he solicitous paternalism of the federal courts, which among other things nearly wrecked my high school education by instituting a massive busing plan that caused more upheaval in my school and my life than  most people could imagine”
  • The “Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and other agences whose concern for what they see as good or bad for me has achieved a level of interference?”
  • The Department of Health, Education and Welfare, whose “pronouncements and edicts reach into the heart of our freedom over the way we arrange our lives.”
  • President Carter’s “instant voter registration plan,” which will “allow the parasites of this nation to become the dominating force in politics…[people] who pay next to nothing in taxes and soak billions from the government in various forms of relief, do not bother to register in advance of an election and therefore usually do not vote.

By the way, I think we all are WELL aware of who Cavedo was referring to in that last bullet point, by the way, as well as in the first bullet point. And yet, apparently, 40+ years later, this is now – as Del. Lamont Bagby, Chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, puts it in the following tweet – “the same Cavedo that is presiding over the legal over monuments in [Richmond, Virginia].” Yikes. Let’s just hope Cavedo’s views have changed a *great* deal since then, because if he holds any of those same views today, it’s simply not compatible with being a judge dealing with anything related to racial (in)justice, Confederate monuments, etc.

P.S. The patron of the resolution which nominated Cavedo to a judgeship back in 2003 was none other than our old pal, then-Delegate Bob McDonnell. See screenshot, below. Also note that the Virginia House of Delegates was overwhelmingly Republican-controlled in 2003, and the State Senate was also Republican-controlled.



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