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Video: Matt Rogers Announces Primary Campaign Against Del. Patrick Hope (D-HD47)


See below for the Virginia House of Delegates campaign announcement/video by Democrat Matt Rogers in HD47 (Arlington). But first, a few quick thoughts: 1) I’m posting this first and foremost because I think it’s newsworthy; 2) I like Matt Rogers personally, find him to be a very smart and personable guy, strong young progressive and someone who clearly knows his way around the Virginia General Assembly (he works as Sen. Dave Marsden’s Chief of Staff); 3) I have known, liked and respected Del. Patrick Hope (D-HD47) – who is my delegate – for years, consider him a friend, think he’s doing an excellent job, and would also note that he’s the most progressive member of the Virginia House of Delegates, according to VAPLAN; 4) because of the reasons stated in point #3, I’d say it’s almost certain that I’ll end up supporting Del. Hope for reelection, even as I continue to think that Matt Rogers has a bright future ahead of him politically and would probably support him for other positions (including a bunch of House of Delegates districts, including several held by Dem incumbents). Anyway, we’ll watch the campaign and see how it goes…but for now, it’s back to beating Trump, winning back the U.S. Senate, expanding the Democrats’ U.S. House majority, etc, etc.


ARLINGTON, VA — Today, I’m proud to announce my candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates’ 47th District. You may recognize me from knocking on your door for Democratic candidates, coaching your kid in flag football or basketball, down at the General Assembly, or you may recognize me from Twitter.

I’m running for this office because I’m already experienced in getting things done down in the General Assembly as a current Chief of Staff for a Virginia State Senator and someone who has worked six legislative sessions, but also because I bring a unique voice and a set of experiences that we need much more of in our halls of government. If elected, I would be the first African-American elected to the General Assembly from Arlington since Civil War Reconstruction.

Over the next several months, my goal is not to convince the people of the 47th District that the incumbent is a bad person. That is not true. I’ve voted for the incumbent three times myself. Unfortunately, that is because there was no other choice. As someone who’s dedicated their professional career and life to bringing new voters into the process, I know firsthand that having a district in which voters are only asked for their input for presidential and other statewide offices is detrimental to that effort.

I plan to offer an exchange of ideas and provide the 47th District a choice for the first time since 2009 – the year GOP Governor Bob McDonnell won Virginia by 17 points. I look forward to speaking with you – whether you plan to support me or not.


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