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Yale Program on Climate Change Communication Shows Massive, Bipartisan Support for Clean Energy; Big Partisan Differences in Climate Science Knowledge, Concern


I’m sure the corporate media will try to “both sides” this one, like they do everything else, but the fact is, when it comes to climate science, a huge percentage of Virginia Republicans are complete ignoramuses, compared to a relatively small percentage of Virginia Democrats. Check out the following graphics, courtesy of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, which “show variations in the climate and clean energy views of Democrats (left map) and Republicans (right map)…for all 50 states and 435 congressional districts. Shades of yellow, orange, and red on the maps indicate more than 50% agreement or support for the mapped opinion while shades of blue indicate less than 50% agreement or support.” So here in Virginia, it looks like this:

  • On the most basic question, whether or not “global warming is happening” (note: there is literally ZERO scientific doubt about this, nor has there been any scientific doubt for decades now; the only questions are how fast its happening, what are the most important factors causing it, what the implications are/will be, how to stop it, etc.), 91% of Democrats in Virginia get the right answer, compared to just 53% of Republicans. And yes, it’s appalling that even 9% of Democrats don’t get the right answer, but…47% of Republicans shows that these folks are living in a fact-free, science-denying universe, basically.
  • On another question about which there is literally ZERO scientific doubt – whether global warming is mostly caused by human activity (spoiler: it absolutely is), 79% of Democrats in Virginia get the correct answer, compared to just 37% of Republicans. Frankly, even the Democratic percentages here are not great, but the Republicans’ 37% is beyond appalling.
  • One piece of good news, at least, in this sea of Republican ignorance: support for funding renewable energy research is overwhelming, at 93% of Democrats and 82% of Republicans. As PV Magazine puts it, “the most universal support was funding research into renewable energy sources.” So sure, Virginia Republicans, “you do you” and campaign against the Virginia Clean Economy Act, offshore wind, solar power, etc., and see how that works out for you all…

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