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You Gotta Hear It To Believe It: Nick Freitas Believes ‘COVID is Under Control’


From the DCCC:

You Gotta Hear It To Believe It: Nick Freitas Believes ‘COVID is Under Control’

Nick Freitas had barely stumbled out of the starting gate this weekend before he reminded us why he is so woefully unprepared to serve in Congress. As coronavirus rates increase both nationwide and in Virginia, Freitas said the pandemic was “under control.”

REMINDER: Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Freitas’ record on health care was disqualifying – voting against the majority of his party to oppose a cap on spiking insulin prices and opposing Virginia’s Medicaid expansion. He was even the sole vote in the House of Delegates against a plan to expand health care coverage to those with autism.

Here’s what Freitas considers “under control:”

Take a listen here, or read the transcript below:

2:05: “Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of people within the press that have had zero interest in objectively covering anything that’s been going on with respect to the COVID response.  And I do believe that’s had some adverse effect.  But I think as we do see things start to turn up within the economy, again as we get, as we’ve gotten COVID under control and continue to do so, I think people will be focusing on these issues and seeing the contrast between the way that Republicans have handled a lot of these issues and the way that Democrats have handled these issues, and I think we’re going to do very well in November.”

DCCC Spokesperson Drew Godinich released the following statement:

“We need leaders in Washington who understand science and who take threats to our national security seriously. Nick Freitas’ inability to comprehend this pandemic that has killed nearly 150,000 Americans is terrifying – how could we ever trust him to make life-or-death decisions in DC when he can’t even understand the facts?”


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