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AG Mark Herring on USPS Lawsuit: Trump Administration Saying “OK, You Caught Us, We’ll Stop Is a Start, But We’re Not Going To Take Their Word For It”


Yesterday, AG Mark Herring was on CNN to talk about his lawsuit, along with numerous other state Attorneys General, “challenging the Trump Administration’s drastic operational changes at the U.S. Postal Service that threaten critical mail delivery services and could undermine the national election in November.”

In the interview, Herring was asked about apparent moves by the Postmaster General DeJoy to reverse course, at least to a degree. Herring’s response was excellent and very much on point:

“I suppose the administration saying ‘OK, you caught us, We’ll stop’ is a start, but we’re not going to take their word for it. This administration has shown time and again they could be saying one thing one minute and doing something completely different the next. So we are going to continue to watch very closely. And it’s not enough just to stop the continued disruption of the Postal Service. But we need to see the damage that’s already done corrected.”

Bingo. Also, AG Herring stressed that “this is a recurring pattern with this administration; they will throw out a terrible policy or sew seeds of chaos, often times in ways that are illegal or unlawful, and then we have to take quick action to file suit to stop it, to protect our constitution and our democratic norms


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