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BREAKING: VA GOP, Which Hasn’t Won Statewide Election in 11 Years and Is Basically Broke, Elects Former Del. Rich Anderson as New Chair

Current chair ousted...finishes third out of three.


The Virginia GOP, which hasn’t managed to win a statewide election since 2009, while also losing control of the Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates, AND also dropping to just four U.S. Representatives out of 11, AND which is basically broke, today elected former Del. Rich Anderson as its new chair, ousting its current chair, Jack Wilson, who has presided over the party getting wiped out and who “falsely claim[ed] Trump endorsement“; and Mike Schoelwer. The final results of today’s voting were Anderson with 62.3% of the vote and Schoelwer with 37.7% of the vote, after Wilson was eliminated in the first round of Ranked Choice Voting…

So who is Rich Anderson?  As noted, he’s a *former* delegate, having represented the 51st district (Prince William County) since 2009, but who then lost his seat in 2017 to Democrat Hala Ayala, then lost a rematch to Ayala in 2019. In the legislature, as you can see from Project Vote Smart, Anderson racked up a pretty much hard-right voting record…although sometimes he tried to act like a moderate, in increasingly “blue” and highly diverse Prince William County. But in his run for VA GOP chair, there was no need to pretend anymore, so he let his inner right-wingnut out…and it worked.

As for Anderson’s goals as Chair, see below for his “Agenda For The Republican Party of Virginia,” which consists of the oh-so-inspiring “re-elect President Trump in November,” as well as the extremely unlikely possibility of electing Daniel Gade (R) to the U.S. Senate as well as “11 superior Republican candidates to the U.S. House” (riiiiight). Other than that, Anderson’s focus mainly is on rebuilding the VA GOP from its current, disastrous situation, transforming it into a “war-fighting, election-winning” organization. He’ll certainly have his work cut out for him to achieve those goals, let’s just put it that way…


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