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DCCC Launches New Video Reminding Voters of Ongoing Investigations Into Scott Taylor’s Petition-Gate


From the DCCC:

DCCC Launches New Video Reminding Voters of Ongoing Investigations Into Scott Taylor’s Petition-Gate

Today, the DCCC announced a new video in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, reminding voters of the ongoing investigations into former congressman Scott Taylor’s 2018 re-election campaign.

Taylor’s 2018 re-election was embroiled in the election fraud scandal now known as “petition-gate.” The campaign committed “out and out fraud” with “intent to defraud the Commonwealth” when collecting signatures to get an independent candidate on the ballot to sway the election. What’s worse – Taylor’s campaign concocted this scheme using government resources, directing his staff to collect petitions at a meeting in his congressional office, a clear violation of House Ethics Rules. This revelation called both his leadership and character into question and fatally damaged his candidacy.

DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett released the following statement:

“Voters know Scott Taylor well. His record, which includes election fraud, was a source of ire in 2018 and plague Taylor to this day. With the looming threat of more investigations and a court appearance right around the corner, petition-gate is sure to be an albatross on his candidacy again.” 

You can watch here, and read the script below:

NARRATOR: In the summer of 2018, the Scott Taylor campaign started gathering signatures for independent candidate Shaun Brown. Court documents say Taylor and other campaign leaders wanted Brown to qualify for the ballot in hopes of splitting the vote between Brown and Democrat Elaine Luria.

REPORTER: “Our investigation shows that some of these signatures were not signed by the actual people they claim to be.”

NARRATOR: Signatures on the petitions included the names of deceased voters and people who moved out of Virginia years earlier.

REPORTER: “So what would you say to the widow who said that it was really hurtful to see her dead husband’s name?”

SCOTT TAYLOR: “I have no idea how her name — that name — got there. I have no idea how it got there.”

NARRATOR: Brown did not qualify and Luria went on to beat Taylor in the November election.

REPORTER: Campaign staffer former Congressman Scott Taylor pleaded guilty to neglect of election duties.

REPORTER: This investigation is far from over. So far, only one person has been charged in this case.

SCOTT TAYLOR: “I don’t have any indictments. There’s nothing- I’m not being investigated. I don’t know why you keep saying that.”

NARRATOR: The prosecution’s attorney John Beamer says the Taylor campaign petition scandal is still under investigation and there’s likely to be more indictments and litigation. Scott Taylor has claimed exoneration, but Beamer said those are his words and the special prosecutor did not say that in his statement.

REPORTER: This investigation is still active and we know more charges could come.


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