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ICYMI: Khizr Khan and Virginia Veterans Slam Donald Trump’s Performance As Commander in Chief


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

ICYMI: Khizr Khan and Virginia veterans slam Donald Trump’s performance as Commander in Chief

Following the conclusion of the Republican National Convention, Virginia Democrats held a press call with Gold Star father Khizr Khan and Virginia veterans to cover Donald Trump’s failures as Commander in Chief. The panel spoke out about the impacts of his failed COVID response on the veteran community and how his mismanagement of the office has failed service members and their families. A full recording of the conversation can be streamed here

“Donald Trump neither understands nor respects the ideas of duty, honor, and country that inspire our military members to serve and imbue our veterans with pride. And Donald Trump has repeatedly failed our veterans and ignored this country’s sacred obligation to our veterans…Joe Biden believes each of them deserves our enduring respect and gratitude both on active duty and after service,” said Khizr Khan.

“I’m a second generation veteran, my father was a World War II and Korea vet. My brother is a retired Marine, and my daughter is retired Air Force…None of us have any faith in what the current administration claims to be doing…This president does one thing well: take credit for what others do. A lot of what was done well for the VA was done under previous administrations and it is absolutely infuriating to see him go on TV and take credit for what others did…Respect has to be earned, you don’t just demand it. If you really want the respect of the people you serve, you have to earn it. And I will tell you, [Trump] has not earned mine. When it comes to leadership, I wouldn’t follow him across the street for free beer,” said Jim Icenhour, a retired Air Force fighter pilot who flew 195 combat missions in Vietnam and serves as the Chairman of the James City County Board of Supervisors.

“In the Army we have Army Core Values which are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Our current president and Commander in Chief does not exhibit any of those seven traits…COVID-19 is very serious and with this failed federal response a lot of veterans have died – my bothers and sisters. And [Trump] has even failed to address the suicide issue, which he promised during his campaign to do…We need to unite as veterans to be a voice to speak out against this Commander in Chief. Current service members can’t but we sure as hell can,” said Army veteran Anthony Gitalado from Suffolk, Virginia who survived COVID-19 in February and was treated at a VA hospital.


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