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Video: VA GOP 2021 Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase to Set Up 1-800 Number to Report Public Colleges, Universities for “Indoctrinating Our Kids,” “Social Engineering Bullcrap”

Also threatens to defund them...


It really never ends with Republican 2021 gubernatorial candidate Amanda Chase, who this weekend was hanging out with…yeah, this guy (“In 2016, Nugent posted an image on his Facebook page implying that Jews are behind the push for gun control”)- unmasked, of course.

Also, check out the following video clip of Chase speaking last Wednesday, at a rally in her home county of Chesterfield, where she pledged to create a 1-800 number – complete with a call center! LOL – so parents can report public colleges and universities for supposedly “indoctrinating our kids like I’ve never seen before.” Chase also threatened to “defund” “our higher places of education…if they don’t teach education and they don’t stop this social engineering bullcrap.” Sounds like exactly the type of person Virginians want as their next governor, huh? Also note that, currently, she’s the only announced Republican candidate for governor in 2021. ‘Nuff said.

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