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Cuccinelli Cool with Kids in Cages, but Messed-Up Birthday Popcorn Delivery? That Rates an “Ouch!” From “The Cooch”


Former Virginia Attorney General and current Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli’s priorities and values – or lack thereof – couldn’t be clearer in his response to Nikki Haley’s tweet about @PopcornFactory “mess[ing] up birthday orders.” To Cooch, that merits an “Ouch!” As for “cag[ing] children for a fascist president,” Cooch is perfectly fine with that, as he is with “blaming [the] father of [a] drowned child.” No “ouch” to either of those. But botched popcorn? Now *that* truly galls “the Cooch!”

P.S. Just as a reminder, this is the same guy who compared immigrants to rats, ranted (falsely) that we’re being “invaded”; waged war on climate science for years, including a relentless and disgraceful assault against leading climate scientist Michael Mann; plus… “The Continuing Chronicle of Ken Cuccinelli’s Corruption,”Cuccinelli Announces Settlement with Fraudulent “US Navy Vets,” Totally Omits Own Involvement!Dozens of emails surface from Virginia AG office to gas companyDespite Ken Cuccinelli’s Claims, Records Show Deep Involvement In Bob McDonnell Ethics ControversyVirginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s involvement with Star Scientific, etc.


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