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Video: VA GOP U.S. Senate Nominee’s Campaign of Dishonesty re: “Defund the Police” Continues


If you’ve been following the U.S. Senate contest in Virginia between Sen. Mark Warner (D) and Republican nominee Daniel Gade, you’re probably aware of a few things: 1) Warner’s crushing Gade in the polling, as well he should be (and let’s all make sure we turn out and vote in droves to make the polling reality on November 3!);  2) Gade’s tight with far-right extremist Amanda Chase, who even says she’s “coaching” him; and 3) Gade keeps lying about Virginia Democrats in general and about Sen. Mark Warner specifically, such as Gade’s bull*** about “defunding the police,” which Warner and Virginia Democrats *oppose* (“Warner has said at least four times that he opposes defunding police. All of his statements came at least a month before Gade accused him of backing the policy“).

And yet, despite being called out on his lies, Gade keeps spewing them out, such as in the following video, which – ironically? – he recorded right after church, where I’m pretty sure they teach that “thou shalt not bear false witness.” Apparently, Gade doesn’t care about that commandment, because as you can see, he goes right ahead and “bears false witness,” aka lies, that “@vademocrats want to defund the police by 25%.” In fact, other than Del. Lee Carter, a self-proclaimed socialist, there doesn’t appear to be any other elected Virginia Democrat or party official – let alone Virginia Democrats as a whole – who supports cutting police funding, let alone by 25%! And yet Gade keeps referring to “they,” as in Democrats as a whole, even though he must know that’s it’s totally false.

By the way, even crazier is how Gade tries to rope Sen. Warner, who is not in the state legislature of course, into his fallacious narrative. Again, Sen. Warner has stated multiple times that he OPPOSES defunding the police, and instead has stated that he’s “looking at reform, criminal justice reform” – which, presumably, is what the vast majority of Virginia Democrats support as well.  Regardless, it’s not Sen. Warner’s job to weigh in on every state legislator’s random budget amendments, and Gade should know that (if he doesn’t, he’s showing massive ignorance about how our system of government works, including the division between federal and state government).

P.S. I almost didn’t write on this, because: a) it’s SO stupid; b) it’s a lie that has been debunked repeatedly; and c) why give the floundering Gade any publicity at all? In the end, I decided to post about it because I think it’s important to call out major lies such as these, and also because I wanted to remind everyone to turn out in droves this fall and vote to reelect Sen. Mark Warner…as well as “downballot” candidates such as Qasim Rashid (D-VA01), Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02), Cameron Webb (D-VA05), and Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07).


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