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New Poll: Joe Biden+14 Points (53%-39%) in Virginia, Up 2 Points From May; Sen. Mark Warner +21 Points (55%-34%)

Biden at 51%-38% favorable; Warner at 51%-26%; Trump at 37%-55%


New poll results are in this morning from Roanoke College, and it’s mostly good news for Democrats. Of course, standard disclaimer about not getting complacent, working our butts off until November 3, etc. With that…here are the highlights.

  • Joe Biden is up 14 points over Donald Trump, 53%-39%, with only 5% undecided and 3% saying they will vote for neither candidate.
  • “The 53%-39% Biden lead here is not significantly different from his 51%-39% lead in the May Roanoke College Poll.”
  • “U.S. Senator Mark Warner leads Daniel Gade, his Republican opponent (55%-34%).”
  • “More than 90% of Democrats said they would vote for Biden, while just under 90% of Republicans said they would vote for Trump. Only 2% of Democrats said they would cross over to vote for Trump while 7% of Republicans said they plan to vote for Biden.”
  • “A majority of Virginians (58%) disapprove of the way President Trump is handling his job, while just over one-third (37%) approve.”
  • “Trump’s favorable/unfavorable rating is 37%/55% while Biden is at 51%/38%.
  • “A majority of likely voters (58%) see the election as a decision on the future of the country, while almost one-third (31%) see it as a referendum on President Trump.”
  • “More than three-fourths (79%) of respondents think the country is on the wrong track (a Roanoke College Poll record), while only 16% think it is headed in the right direction.”
  • “Mark Warner’s favorable rating is 51%, up 14 points since May, while his unfavorable rating rose from 21% in May to 26% in August. Daniel Gade, his Republican challenger, is largely unknown with two-thirds of likely voters (67%) not knowing enough to have an opinion of him. Positively, his favorable rating of 20% doubles his unfavorable rating of 10%.”
  • “Job approval for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam sits at 53%, down from his high of 59% in May, while 41% disapprove of his performance (tied for second highest disapproval rating of his tenure as governor).”
  • “Almost half (49%) of respondents think that Virginia is on the wrong track (another record high), while 45% think it is headed in the right direction.”
  • “Two-thirds (66%) of likely voters think race relations in the United States are fairly bad or very bad.”
  • “Asked about their personal experiences, more than six in ten (61%) said they rarely or never see acts of discrimination when they are in public. Another third (32%) said they see acts of discrimination sometimes, and 5% said they see them often.”
  • “Majorities agreed that racial discrimination is built into society (61%), that racism comes from individuals who hold racist views, not from our institutions (60%), and what may seem like intentional discrimination often is something bad that can and does happen to people of all colors (58%). Just over half (51%) hold a favorable view of Black Lives Matter.”
  • “A majority of respondents (56%) think the Founding Fathers were great men, while 21% think they were mostly looking out for their own interests, including protecting slavery, and another 12% think they were both.”


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