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After Two Days of Early Voting, Virginia Has Seen 36,740 Vote In-Person, With 864,225 Mail-In Ballot Requests [UPDATED 9/21]

Early voting is strongest in the deep-blue 8th CD, blue 10th CD and deep-blue 11th CD; the bright-red 9th CD is last


UPDATED 9/22: As of yesterday, we’re now up to 952,210 mail ballot applications and 69,261 having voted early/in-person.

Interesting info, courtesy of VPAP:

  • So far, after two days of early voting, Virginia has seen 36,740 people vote early in-person, compared to 352,966 early voters *total* in the 2016 presidential election
  • There have been 864,225 mail-in ballot requested so far this election, compared to about 262k mail ballots requested (185k returned, 77k not returned) in the 2016 election.
  • By Congressional District, so far in this election, the deep-blue 8th CD is tops in by-mail ballot requests (132k), followed by the blue 10th CD (119k), the deep-blue 11th CD (107k), the purple 7th (85k), the red 1st (83k), the purple 2nd CD (73k), the deep-blue 3rd CD (71k), the purple 5th CD (70k), the deep-blue 4th CD (67k), the bright-red 6th CD (54k) and the bright-red 9th CD (41k)


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