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Bob Good Caught Lying About His Votes to Defund The Police

Good actually cast the *deciding vote* to reduce the Campbell County Sheriff's budget


See below for a press release from the Democratic Party of Virginia. That’s right, right-wingnut Republican Bob Good cast the *deciding vote* to defund the police when he was a Campbell County Supervisor.

Bob Good Caught Lying About His Votes to Defund The Police

Richmond, VA — Yesterday, Republican Congressional candidate Bob Good tried to defend himself against the news that he voted to cut police funding on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors by tweeting: “For every year I was in office serving the citizens of Campbell County, the Sheriffs Department expenditures INCREASED.”

There was just one problem: Good was outright lying. 

The truth is that not only did the Sheriff’s budget decrease after Good’s first year in office, Good cast the deciding vote. And when Good tried to prove that he increased police funding, he linked to a County budget that he actually voted against

In the wake of Good’s budget cuts, 13 deputies left the Campbell County Sheriff’s department, which had one of the lowest police salaries in the region. After he lost five officers in 2018, Campbell County Sheriff Steve Hutcherson took to pleading with the board to increase police funding

“Bob Good is right: candidates with radical ideas about defunding the police are too extreme for the 5th district. That’s why voters are turning against him and siding with Cameron Webb, who has the support of law enforcement officials from across the district – including two former sheriffs of Campbell County,” said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox. 


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