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“America’s Craziest and Dumbest Congressman,” Who Bob Good Calls a “Good Friend” and “Hero,” Just Voted Against a Peaceful Transition of Power

The vote was 397-5; Good's BFF Louie Gohmert was one of the five...


Yesterday, following Trump’s outrageous, disturbing and unAmerican comments about not committing to a peaceful transfer of power if/when he loses the election, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolutionreaffirming [its] commitment to the orderly and peaceful transfer of power called for in the Constitution.” The vote on this was bipartisan and reassuringly huge — 397 to 5. Wait, you ask, who in their right mind would vote against this?!? As you can see, below, it was five of the worst members of Congress, including the odious/racist Rep. Steve King (R) of Iowa; this nutjob (“A Kentucky congressman said a teenager charged with fatally shooting two people with a semi-automatic rifle during the unrest in Wisconsin showed ‘incredible restraint’ and acted in self-defense. Rep. Thomas Massie also told a radio interviewer on Thursday that if he were on the jury, he would vote to acquit the teenager if the evidence was based on video he had seen of the melee.”); and “America’s Craziest and Dumbest Congressman,” Louie Gohmert  (R-TX).

Why do I bring up “America’s Craziest and Dumbest Congressman” on Blue Virginia, since he’s from Texas? Because Gohmert is a huge supporter of VA05 Republican nominee Bob Good. Check out the video, below, in which Good lavishes praise on his “good friend Louie Gohmert,” who Good calls a “hero to all of us conservative patriots throughout the country…fighting the good fight in D.C.,” etc. Gohmert also heaps praise on Good, saying “we need you in Congress desperately.”

Yep, just what our country “desperately” needs in Congress, someone who considers a right-wing extremist like Gohmert – who just voted against a peaceful transfer of power in the United States of America – to be a “hero,” “good friend,” etc. An infinitely better idea? Donate to, volunteer for, and – if you live in VA05 – vote to send Dr. Cameron Webb to Congress, not someone who’s buddies with someone who opposes a peaceful transfer of power and is infamous for being America’s Craziest and Dumbest Congressman.


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