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GOP Super PAC Lies about Spanberger’s Record on Helping Central Virginia Constituents, Wastes Special Interest Money on Attack


From Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07)’s campaign:

GOP Super PAC Lies about Spanberger’s Record on Helping Central Virginia Constituents, Wastes Special Interest Money on Attack

GLEN ALLEN, VA —  A GOP Super PAC is lying about Abigail Spanberger’s demonstrated record of keeping her promises to the people of Central Virginia. 

In 2018, Spanberger released a reform agenda, which included the following provision related to congressional franking: 

Stop the abuse of taxpayer-funded mail: Members of Congress have the right to use taxpayer dollars to communicate with their constituents, but they have the responsibility to use this right ethically. Too many Members of Congress send glossy, promotional mailers at taxpayers’ expense. This isn’t communication, this is campaigning and it is inappropriate. I commit to using correspondence to inform and engage, not campaign. 

Spanberger has followed through on her reform agenda, keeping her promise to responsibly and ethically use congressional communications to inform and engage with her constituents — not campaign.

Since taking office in January 2019, Spanberger’s office has sent a general policy issues physical survey, a prescription drug physical survey, and an inaugural mailer in 2019 that included office contact information, detailed information about constituent services, and a tear-off survey to share concerns and ideas. Additionally, her office has launched online, constituent-focused surveys focused on prescription drug costs, U.S. Postal Service delays, and broadband internet access — and thousands of Central Virginians have participated in these online surveys to provide the stories and experiences that inform her work..

“Attacking Abigail on her efforts to engage and inform constituents — just as she said she would — is a desperate attack. Abigail has kept her promise to responsibly and ethically communicate with Central Virginians, and this slander of her constituent communications is disingenuous and shameful,” said Connor Joseph, Spanberger Spokesperson. “During her first term in office, Abigail has kept her promise to provide greater transparency and accessibility to her constituents. She has done that by hosting in-person and telephone town halls, ensuring constituents know the assistance her office can provide — such as help with the VA and the Social Security Administration, sending weekly newsletters, and soliciting feedback from constituents. Distorting her record of responsibly engaging and informing Central Virginians is a cheap attack, and it disrespects the hundreds of stories and experiences constituents have shared in response to her surveys and discounts the importance of the 1,400 constituents her office has assisted.”

In addition to physical mailers, Rep. Spanberger’s online and newspaper advertisements have focused on keeping Seventh District residents engaged and informed, including by:

Because of her informative communications, Rep. Spanberger’s office has closed more than 1,400 constituent cases and returned more than $3.3 million dollars to VA07 Constituents. 

All of Spanberger’s physical and online communications have been approved for Seventh District distribution by the nonpartisan House Franking Commission, which issues regulations governing the proper use of the franking privilege and other official communications resources. 


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