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New Maps Show Virginia Late-Mail Percentage *SPIKING* After DeJoy Became Postmaster General in June

Virginia was at around 40%-45% late mail in July/August, up SHARPLY from 5%-15% in April/May.


Today’s NY Times has an article looking at whether or not the mail as gotten slower. The takeaways?

  • “…on-time delivery declined noticeably in July after the arrival of Louis DeJoy, the Trump-aligned postmaster general, and the start of policies to trim transportation costs. That drop in national performance was more abrupt than during the chaotic period when the coronavirus pandemic began spreading across the country.”
  • “…election mail is more likely to be received and mailed back locally, where the Postal Service has a two-day-delivery standard. And the Postal Service has said it will prioritize all election mail, which is typically sent to voters using first-class mail or cheaper marketing-mail rates.”
  • Mr. Hogrogian, the president of the mail handlers union, who is part of a task force to ensure the speedy processing of mail-in ballots, said he was confident the Postal Service would be able to manage election mail, thanks in part to the reversal of this summer’s policies. Ensuring quick processing of election mail is a high priority for postal workers, he said.”

How about Virginia specifically? The article doesn’t provide the data by state, except in the following map. Just looking at that, you can see that for Virginia:

  • In March, most of the state seems to have been in the 10%-20% late mail range.
  • In April-May, things look a bit better, with most of Virginia in the 5%-15% late mail range.
  • Starting in June – and with Louis DeJoy assuming office as Postmaster General on June 16 – the situation went downhill *fast*, with Virginia turning nearly all dark purple or black (40%-45% late mail) by July and August. That’s a massive increase from 5%-15% late mail in April-May, and it’s hard to think of any other cause than the start of DeJoy’s reign as Postmaster General. Not surprising, sadly, given the massive corruption, incompetence and venality of the Trump administration, but appalling nonetheless…


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