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Video: In Sen. Warner’s First Campaign Ads, Coronavirus Response and Recovery, Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Take Center Stage

Ads are part of "seven-figure, eight-week statewide television buy"


fFrom Sen. Mark Warner’s reelection campaign:


In Warner’s First Campaign Ads, Coronavirus Response and Recovery, Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Take Center Stage

Watch “New Normal”

Watch “Back on Track”

Watch “Scary”

Mark Warner’s re-election campaign will begin airing three new advertisements on Friday, marking the first television buy of the 2020 Senate campaign in Virginia. The ads entitled “New Normal,” “Back on Track,” and “Scary” are part of a seven-figure, eight-week statewide television buy.

Together, the ads highlight Warner’s results-driven work in the Senate to protect the health and safety of Virginians during the pandemic, deliver meaningful economic relief to businesses struggling to get by, and make affordable health care a reality for all Virginia families. In doing so, they showcase the stark differences between Warner and his opponent, who has spent the last six months campaigning on dismissing the gravity of the pandemic and undermining basic public health initiatives to contain it, all while opposing efforts to expand access to affordable health care in Virginia.

Virginians can begin voting as early as September 18. Voters can check their registration status and request an absentee ballot by visiting iwillvote.com.

Transcript of “New Normal”

Announcer: COVID-19 it’s touching every family. That’s why Mark Warner led the effort to get low interest loans for small businesses so they can stay open. Made sure independent contractors can get unemployment benefits, too, and helped protect families from eviction during the pandemic.

Warner: I’m Mark Warner. To beat the virus we have to stop the spread. And until the economy comes back, we need to help those hard hit by COVID. That’s why I approve this message.

Transcript of “Back on Track”

Warner: The only way to get our economy back on track is to get COVID under control. That means following the science so we can reopen our businesses and schools safely. But President Trump says if we don’t reopen our schools – safe or not – he’ll cut off funds.

Trump: We’re very much going to put pressure on governors and everyone else to open the schools.

Warner: That’s wrong and why I’m leading the Senate fight to make sure schools get the funding they need. Let’s let local officials and parents decide what’s best for our kids.

Transcript of “Scary”

Warner: This is my daughter when she was nine. That’s when we found out she had juvenile diabetes. We were lucky, we could afford her medicine. But when drug companies jack up prices on drugs like insulin the scary thing isn’t the needles. It’s the cost. My legislation cracks down on runaway drug prices and finally lets the government negotiate for lower prices.

I’m Mark Warner. I approve this message because drug companies have gotten away with too much for too long.


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