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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: After First Presidential Debate, Virginians Agree Biden is Best Choice for President


From the Biden/Harris campaign:

September 30, 2020

After First Presidential Debate, Virginians Agree Biden is Best Choice for President

After the first presidential debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, Virginians agree that Biden is the president that we need to lead the country out of this crisis and unite our divided nation. Joe Biden clearly laid out his plans to combat COVID-19, help our communities recover, and protect and expand access to health care for all Americans. He also presented his plan to address the economic crisis we face as a result of the pandemic and how we can slash unemployment, help small businesses and working families, and Build Back Better.

Virginia voters from across the state applauded Vice President Biden’s debate performance:

“After the first presidential debate, Joe Biden clearly stood out as the sole candidate who truly cares about Americans’ health and safety. He laid out his coronavirus response plan and showed Americans that he will expand on the Affordable Care Act, not repeal it, like President Trump keeps trying to do.” – Michelle Strucke, Herndon, VA

“As Donald Trump continues to ignore the science and doubles down on his efforts to strip tens of millions of Americans of health care coverage, it has never been so obvious that Joe Biden is the best choice for all Virginians. With a Biden-Harris administration, we can expect to combat the virus head on and ensure that Americans’ health coverage is better than ever.” – Marvin Figueroa, Richmond, VA

“Joe Biden has been talking about his Build Back Better plan for many months now, and during the first presidential debate he demonstrated how his economic agenda will help lift Americans out of this crisis. He will start by supporting working families and small businesses, ensuring that everyone, no matter their income or zip code, has an opportunity to succeed. We desperately need the leadership Joe Biden would bring to the presidency.” – Joey Cruz Ma, Vienna, VA

“After this debate and hearing how Donald Trump didn’t pay any taxes for ten years, it is clear he will continue to put Wall Street over Main Street. As Trump continues to reward the wealthy and corporations over hardworking families, Joe Biden will fight for working people. Joe will fight to build back our economy while not raising a penny in taxes for anyone making less than $400,000 a year. This will put us on the right path to rebuild the middle class, lower unemployment, and lift America out of this economic crisis.” – Ebony Guy, Danville, VA

“I am tired of the nastiness we have experienced from the White House these past four years. Instead of lying to the American public, spreading misinformation, and sowing division like President Trump, Joe Biden spoke directly to the American people during the first presidential debate and presented a real plan. Biden presented his plan to combat the coronavirus, rebuild our economy, and expand on the Affordable Care Act. In the middle of a pandemic, we need someone who looks out for our health care, not someone who is in court fighting to take it away.” – Maureen Coffey, Charlottesville, VA

“The American people don’t have time for showboating or petty insults. They need to know what each candidate plans to do to get us out of the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. Because of Donald Trump’s failure to lead and get this pandemic under control, we have seen thousands of Virginians lose their lives and others lose their incomes. After the first debate it’s more clear than ever that Joe Biden has a plan to build back better. We need him in the White House.” – Linh Hoang, Fairfax, VA


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