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2021 VAGOP Gubernatorial Candidate Sen. Amanda Chase and Her Supporters Are Like: Trump Got COVID-19? Whatever, Party On and Superspread Away!


Yep, this is Sen. Amanda Chase and her “Make Virginia Great Again”/”MAGA” supporters to a “t.” Despite their fearless leader, Donald Trump, as well as a bunch more Republicans (US Senators, Kellyanne Conway, you name it), coming down with COVID-19 from the “superspreader” event at the White House last Saturday, they’re like…whatever, superspread – and party – on!

Unfortunately, Chase has been busy superspreading all over Virginia for months now, after declaring back in June that she doesn’t “do COVID anymore, I’m back to normal, full speed ahead.” The problem with that attitude, of course, is that regardless of whether or not you “do COVID,” that’s not going to stop this relentless virus from “doing” its thing and “doing”…you! Although, of course, you *could* help prevent that by taking commonsense precautions. But…of course not, nope, not for Chase and her Chase-ers, even after Dear Leader clearly demonstrated the dangerous folly of not wearing masks, etc.

Anyway, check it out, as she and her supporters: a) don’t worry about social distancing; b) don’t wear masks; c) gather in large groups; d) travel all over the state while engaging in “a” through “d”; and e) violate any/every CDC guideline you can think of. And yes, this person actually wants to be *governor*!


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