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Bob Good Has a LOT To Answer For in the Final Week of His VA05 Campaign


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

What Bob Good Needs To Answer For In The Final Week Of His Campaign

Richmond, VA — Before voters head to the polls on Election Day, Bob Good owes them explanations for his serious conflicts of interest, potentially criminal behavior, and extreme positions that would hurt Virginians in the fifth district. Good has done nothing to address the ongoing financial disclosure scandal he’s involved with, and has refused debates with Cameron Webb to avoid discussing his radical belief in cutting Social Security. With just a week left in his campaign, Good owes voters answers to these pressing questions.

“Voters deserve to know whether Bob Good broke the law, and whether he’ll side with his financial interests at the expense of working families in the communities he represents, as he did on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors. His inability to answer simple questions about his financial disclosure scandal and conflicts of interest should raise serious red flags for any voter in the fifth district,” said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox

  1. Bob Good originally listed no assets on his initial financial disclosure form, only to reveal a week later that he owned dozens of stocks worth up to $1.75 million. Why did he try to hide these from the public? 
  2. Good’s new financial disclosure reveals stocks he likely has owned for years, meaning he also incorrectly filed disclosure forms that listed no assets while serving on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors. This could amount to a criminal violation of Virginia law. Did Bob Good break the law by filing incorrect disclosure forms? 
  3. Good owned stock in two companies – Abbot Laboratories and McKesson – that have played a significant role in the opioid crisis. After the recent ruling against Purdue Pharma in which the U.S. Justice Department fined the company over $8 billion for its role in the opioid crisis, how can families in the 5th district trust Good to help fight this major public health crisis if he still owns pharma stock? 
  4. Good’s latest campaign finance report shows he took $1,000 from billionaire pharmaceutical executive Philip Frost. In 2018, Frost agreed to pay a $5.5 million settlement to the SEC on stock fraud charges alleging that he made $27 million off of a “pump and dump” scheme in which he manipulated pharmaceutical stock prices. With families suffering from higher drug costs, will Bob Good return Frost’s cash, or will he again take the side of predatory pharmaceutical companies? 
  5. While serving on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, Good voted to award McKesson a contract for EMS services that guaranteed the company a share of fees. He then voted to hike ambulance fees 26% to the highest rates in the area and allow McKesson to garnish the wages and seize property from people who owed ambulance debt.  What does Good have to say to residents of Campbell County who had their wages garnished so that a company he owned stock in could profit? 
  6. Good also voted to cut school funding by $542,000 before awarding a contract to Abbott for nearly the same amount. The slashed school budget meant teachers lost out on a 2% raise at a time when Campbell County schools were already among some of the worst funded in Virginia. What does Good have to say to the teachers who got paid less so a company Good owned stock in could get a corporate handout? 
  7. Good has been traveling the district holding events that ignore basic public health measures like masks and social distancing, even putting members of the Trump administration at risk by holding an indoor event with HUD Secretary Ben Carson without masks or distancing. With cases on the rise across the country and over 3,300 Virginians dead from COVID-19, why is Good still ignoring public health measures? 
  8. Good supports cutting Social Security benefits, raising the retirement age, and hiking taxes on the middle class in the process. But he supported the Republican tax cuts in 2017 that gave huge breaks to the top 1% and that GOP leaders said would be paid for with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security cuts. With Virginia seniors among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, why is Good in favor of taking away earned benefits that millions of seniors rely on to pay their bills and put food on the table? 

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