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New VA Poll: Joe Biden Up 13 pts. (55%-42%), Sen. Mark Warner up 11 pts. (54%-43%); Amendment 1 Up 18 pts (48%-30%)

Interesting, somewhat surprising "crosstabs" on the Amendment 1 question...


A new Virginia poll from Civiqs/Daily Kos this morning has Sen. Mark Warner up 11 points (54%-43%), Joe Biden up 13 points (55%-42%), and Amendment 1 up 48%-30%.

The crosstabs on Amendment 1 are interesting, by the way, and actually somewhat surprising/counterintuitive, with Democrats (54%-27%) and African Americans (57%-23%) MUCH more supportive of it than Republicans (43%-34%), or Independents (45%-29%). Also, 18-34 year olds are barely supportive (42%-36%) of Amendment 1, while those aged 65+ support Amendment 1 by about a 2:1 margin (55%-28%). Finally, note that the higher level of education voters have, the LESS likely they are to support Amendment 1 (+22 points among “Non-College,” +16 points among “College grad” and +8 points among “Postgrad”).

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