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Poll: Biden +21 pts. (58%-37%) in VA10; Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10) +22 pts. (58%-36%)

Note that VA-10 was about 2 points "bluer" in 2016 than the state as a whole...


This is an “internal” poll from the Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10) campaign, so take it with whatever grains of salt you want. But assuming it’s accurate – and it by a respected polling outfit – it’s a good sign. Note that in 2018, Wexton defeated Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) by 12 points (56%-44%), so a 22-point lead (58%-36%) would be a 10-point increase from that. Also note that Hillary Clinton won VA-10 by just 7 points over Trump in 2016, so Biden’s 21-point lead in this poll (58%-37%) is a 14-point increase from that. Finally, Clinton won Virginia by 5.3 points in 2016, so VA-10 was 2 points ahead of that. If that holds this time, then it implies that Virginia should go to Biden by…a LOT (19 points? hard to believe, but certainly double digits is possible) on 11/3. Stay tuned…


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