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Roanoke College Virginia Poll: Biden Up 15 pts (53%-38%), Warner up 17 pts (55%-38%)

Biden was +12 in May and +14 in August in this same poll


Another new Virginia poll is out this morning – Roanoke College, whose last poll in August had Joe Biden +14 points (53%-39%) and Sen. Mark Warner +21 points (55%-34%). Now, Roanoke College has it as…

  • Joe Biden up 15 points (53%-38%) over Donald Trump, with “fully 95% of those who support either candidate…very certain of their vote intention.” Also note that nearly Virginia early voting is now at nearly 30% of 2016 total voting, so this is looking increasingly “baked.”
  • Sen. Warner is up 17 points (55%-38%) over his Republican opponent, Daniel Gade.
  • Overwhelmingly (71%-24%), Virginia voters off on the wrong track.
  • Trump has a 41%-56% (minus 15 points) “favorable rating” in Virginia, while Biden is at 52%-44% (+8 points) “favorable.”
  • By a 56%-41% margin, Virginia voters think the next Supreme Court nominee should be made by the winner of the 11/3 election…NOT now.
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