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Audio: Two-Term Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling (R) Says Amanda Chase’s Chances of Winning Governor’s Election Are “zero, zilch, nada, none, not gonna happen”

Bolling says Chase is "a flamethrower candidate" who would throw any chance of winning in 2021


This morning on WRVA, former two-term Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, a conservative Republican by almost any standard, had some choice words to say about 2021 Virginia gubernatorial candidates Amanda Chase (R). Check out the audio, below…including:

  • The host, John Reid – who is very VERY conservative and has Chase on his show frequently – commented to Bolling that Chase “has a very loyal following,” but that “a lot of people who privately say to me, ‘this lady’s crazy’!
  • Bolling responded that Chase certainly has “a very loyal following,” although he wondered “how deep and wide” that following is. Bolling added that Chase is a “lightning rod.”
  • Bolling then elaborated on just a few of Chase’s problems, including:  “she has had issues with the Capitol police”; “she’s had issues with the Senate clerks…with her colleagues”; “she’s basically been expelled from the Senate Republican caucus.”
  • Could any of this actually *help* Chase, showing that she’s not “establishment” or whatever? Bolling: maybe it could help Chase in the GOP nominating process, “where you’re trying to appeal to party activists,” BUT “her chances of winning, IMHO, a statewide campaign in Virginia these days  are zero, zilch, nada, none, not gonna happen; so Republicans have to decide do you want to nominate a flamethrower candidate like that and give away a legitimate chance of winning the governor’s office?”
  • Of course, as Bolling notes, there are many Republicans these days who would “rather engage in the great ideological debates of the day than they would win campaigns.” LOL

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