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Criticized By Virginia Republicans For Her “Blatant Racism,” Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Lashes Out: “Republicans eat their own”; “when our country is at war the civility stops”

Commenter responds: "ma'am with all due respect, what war? Fighting against who? Your fellow Americans?"


Increasingly, Virginia Republicans appear unwilling to sit back and let State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) cruise to their party’s gubernatorial nomination in 2021. In addition to former Speaker Kirk Cox announcing his candidacy the other day, leading Virginia Republicans are also speaking out against Chase with increasing intensity. For instance, see here, which reports on a new PAC formed by an aide to State Sen. Bryce Reeves (hard-right Republican) that writes:

“Sen. Chase is the wrong candidate for the Republican Party in Virginia. Her outlandish statements, public disinformation, blatant racism, and her inability to legislate are all reasons why voters should reject her candidacy for Governor of Virginia.”

Also, see here for super-conservative Sen. Mark Obenshain (R)’s comments about Chase’s “offensive statements” and “every crazy thing she says.” And see here for Sen. Bill Stanley (R)’s comments about Chase “fueling division and hate.” Of course, if you’ve followed Chase’s not-so-illustrious political career at all, you know that everything Chase’s conservative Republican colleagues say about her is true. Of course, not surprisingly, Chase isn’t reacting well. See below for Chase’s trademark, over-the-top reaction, including:

  • Claiming that “this is why Republicans continue to lose Virginia statewide,” because “Republicans eat their own.” Again, note that Chase left the Virginia Senate Republican caucus and also was kicked out of the Chesterfield GOP. Also note that Republicans haven’t won statewide in Virginia since 2009 for a lot of reasons, including going far, far too right wing/extreme. But criticizing Amanda Chase? Nope, that’s not even in the top 1,000,000 reasons why Republicans haven’t won statewide in over a decade…
  • Asserting, laughably, that “the Republican Senate Caucus stood up for the Democratic Party of Virginia and defended them…over a true conservative Republican.” LOL
  • Arguing that “in Virginia many Republicans are starting to look more like Democrats,” and that “it’s time to drain the Republican swamp and make the Republican Party great again!”
  • Making another outlandish comment, that Democrats have supposedly been “hijacked by Marxists.” And she wonders why so many people don’t take her seriously?

With that, enjoy the screenshots from Chase’s Facebook page, including at one point Chase writing, “when our country is at war the civility stops.” As one commenter responds:

ma’am with all due respect, what war? Fighting against who? Your fellow Americans? Your brother and sister Virginians? Your brothers and sisters in faith? Disagreement don’t make you an enemy.”


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