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Who’s Running – Or Likely to Run – For Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General of Virginia in 2021?


I’ll be writing more about this in coming days/weeks, as I recover from the exhausting 2020 elections, but for now…just a quick reminder of where we stand in terms of 2021 Virginia statewide candidates. The information is courtesy of VPAP and also former Del. Chris Saxman (R) of “Virginia FREE,” a conservative/pro-business group. Also see my post back in August, Who Are the Possible Democratic Candidates for Lt. Governor in 2021?, for more detail (note that a bunch of these folks – Nick Rathod, Babur Lateef, Sen. Barbara Favola – are not at this point considered likely to run in 2021, while Del. Sam Rasoul is definitely running). Also, from everything I’ve heard, Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor is no longer likely to run for Attorney General, given AG Mark Herring’s reentry into that race…


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