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Kirk Cox Rips Republican Rival Amanda Chase on His FB Page; Chase Supporters Deluge Him with Comments Like, “I wouldn’t vote for you if you were running unopposed”

2021 could really be a fun year in Virginia...if you're a *Democrat*, that is. LOL


See below as Former Virginia House Speaker, Del. Kirk Cox (R), a 2021 GOP gubernatorial candidate and a rival of State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) – who has said she will run as an independent if Republicans choose a convention to select their 2021 nominees – gets pounded on his own Facebook page for going after Chase. See below for Cox’s post yesterday, in which he ripped Chase:

“Amanda Chase’s antics have long grown more than tiresome. Her threat to run as an independent is based solely on the fact that she knows principled, conservative Republicans will never tolerate the demagogue she has become. She could participate in this nomination contest, but instead she will fade from relevance as loyal Republicans continue to focus on putting our conservative principles to work…”

The responses to this attack on Chase, as you can see below, were not at all friendly to Cox. Some of the top rated comments said things like:

  • “We the people should decide, not a convention. That’s what’s wrong with the Republican Party in Virginia.”
  • “And you lost the House Of Delegates, and stood idly bye as Richmond was under siege, and Monument Avenue destroyed. You don’t stand a chance.”
  • “The State Republican Party once again told us, the voters that we aren’t capable of nominating the correct candidate. Instead they took the decision out of our hands so that they can shove another establishment candidate down our throats.”
  • “If you are such a good candidate let’s have a primary and let the voters decide the nominee.”
  • “Cox’s words are the perfect example that he, or no one in the republican party, is capable of repairing what old school, legacy republicans have done to their party. The arrogance is palpable…”
  • “I have a very big problem with the Party deciding we voters don’t have the right to choose for ourselves which candidate we want”
  • “And, with that rhetoric, you have most certainly lost my vote. Richmond is a shambles and unrecognizable because our local government let it happen. We are a joke and our Governor and ‘President Elect’ are at the head of the 2021 table. Virginia voters deserve better.”
  • “This state is gone. Lost. Not because of democrats. Because of the corrupt spineless rhino Republicans. I wouldn’t vote for you if you were running unopposed. You’re the typical gutless rhino republican. Can’t wait for my kids to finish school so I can leave this worthless commie state. Definitely is not, nor never will be the state I grew up in.”

Damn, 2021 is going to be a fun year in Virginia politics. If, that is, you’re a Virginia *Democrat* – lol.

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