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Video: Terry McAuliffe Kicks Off His 2021 Gubernatorial Campaign in Richmond


See below for video, as Terry McAuliffe kicks off his *third* run for governor — the first being in 2009, when he lost the Democratic primary to State Sen. Creigh Deeds (who went on to lose, badly, to Republican Bob McDonnell); the second in 2013, when McAuliffe narrowly (by 2.5 percentage points) defeated Republican Ken Cuccinelli; and now in 2021 — in Richmond.

Since 2009, of course, Virginia has shifted in a strongly “blue” direction, with Republicans not winning a statewide campaign since then, and also with Republicans losing control of the Virginia General Assembly. So clearly, whoever wins the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in June 2021 will be in excellent shape heading into November. Also, of course, it’s possible that Republicans could be split, with one of their leading gubernatorial candidate, State Sen. Amanda Chase (R), seriously threatening to run as an independent if Virginia Republicans choose a convention instead of a primary as their method of nomination. Plus, of course, today’s Republican Party is very much Trumpian, which has minimal appeal to urban and suburban Virginia voters in the urban/suburban “crescent” (Hampton Roads to the Richmond area to northern Virginia), where most of the votes are located…

Bottom line: the Democratic gubernatorial nomination has high value, and will be hard fought for by multiple Democratic candidates – McAuliffe plus State Senator Jennifer McClellan, Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and possibly Del. Lee Carter. One question with this primary is how rough-and-tumble it will get. Personally, I’m hoping that the Democratic candidates talk about their visions for the state, their differences on policy and ideological grounds, etc., and stay away from personal attacks. But something tells me it’s going to get heated, because that’s just how primaries go (note: you think Democratic primaries are bad? check out the Republican ones! LOL). With that, here’s the video of McAuliffe’s announcement…

UPDATE 10:51 am – McAuliffe says he’s “only getting warmed up.” McAuliffe says this has not been a year, with Virginians facing “unprecedented challenges.” Says the pandemic has given us “big, tremendous challenges,” but also a big opportunity to take Virginia “to the next level” and “to lift up all Virginians.” Says he will be releasing several plans on how to build a better and fairer post-COVID economy, including affordable health care and building a clean energy economy to address climate change. He says we need to make an “unprecedented investment in education” – “our future and our children cannot wait.” “We’re here for our children’s future.” Says kids are hungry to learn, but can’t learn if they’re hungry. McAuliffe says it’s time for “a new Virginia way,” that the “old Richmond approach just doesn’t work anymore.” Says he’s not going to let “small-ball thinking” stop him from fighting for “bold progress for civil rights or any other issue.” Talks about his work to restore hundreds of thousands of ex-felons’ voting rights. Says the pandemic is a “turning point in our lives,” that we need to “think big and act bold to take Virginia to the next level,” and the key to that is education. Says that today, he’s releasing his education plan. Says he will put a $2 billion/year investment into education, increasing teacher pay to above the national average, expanding pre-school education, addressing inequities in schools, etc. Touts his record as governor, including his fight to expand Medicaid.

UPDATE 10:47 am – Senate President Pro Tempore Louise Lucas says “today is a good day and today is an exciting day for me.” She praises McAuliffe for working hard “day and night” to improve the lives of Virginians and get “big and bold things done.” Lucas said she personally asked McAuliffe to stay in Virginia and help Democrats gain the General Assembly majority. She says it was successful, and led to the most progressive session in Virginia history. Lucas says McAuliffe is a leader not afraid to take on tough fights to get good things done for Virginia. Lucas emphasizes Terry’s “tested leadership.”

UPDATE 10:43 am – Dr. Milondra Coleman, who teaches government and history in Richmond. She cites McAuliffe’s “bold and comprehensive plan” for every Virginia child to have access to a top-notch education. Coleman says COVID-19 has deepened educational disparities and praises McAuliffe for going “big and bold” on education. She says we need to work to reopen our schools *safely* and adopt “holistic approach to education,” which means “supporting our students inside and outside the classroom.” Coleman says we need to support educators by increasing salaries and making sure educators have access to the resources they need. Also need to retain good teachers through their early years. She says she’s excited by McAuliffe’s “plan AND the plan-maker.”

UPDATE 10:39 am – House Majority Leader Charniele Herring says she’s known McAuliffe for many years, and she knows he has a bold vision and a commitment to Virginians. Herring says McAuliffe always asks what he can do for Virginians and does not back down from a fight. Herring cites McAuliffe standing as a “brick wall” against Republican attacks on women’s health care, also standing up for LGBTQ Virginians. Herring also praises McAuliffe on criminal justice reform, reducing juvenile detention by 2/3rds. Herring says we have an opportunity to improve the lives of children and have equity in education.

UPDATE 10:37 am – Stoney says we need someone as governor who understands that Black schools are underfunded, that Black students are suspended disproportionately, etc.

UPDATE 10:35 am – Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney kicks it off, says Terry McAuliffe “shows up,” has big/bold ideas, was a great governor, has a top-notch “work ethic,” has the skills to guide us through the COVID-19 crisis, etc. He says it is time for leadership is experienced, that will show up, that will think big, that will be bold…


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