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America After Trump and Trumpism – From Failure and Impotence to Maturity: What Authentic “Unity” Looks Like


by Josh Chernila

The great irony of those who honor only conspicuous “strength” and “success” is perfectly personified by this weak, failed president, the worst in American history: Donald J. Trump.
Why? Because, human nature, and society itself, are a great balancing act between “agency” and “community.”

This failed, toxified movement, conservatism, as a philosophy, adulates only Self Interest and reviles the Common Good. In reality, America itself is a great experiment in balance between the interests of the two.

Just as this pathetic, sick man (Trump), who despises the vast majority of Americans, is falling, so movement conservatism is collapsing under the weight of its own lies. Yes, agency, self-interest, and confidence are critical for maturity, but they produce only impotence without community, concern for the common good, and concern for others.

Maybe this historic moment of sedition, insurrection, cowardice, and bravado will allow authentic healing of wounds of our own making from which we have long suffered. Perhaps, this is how we, as a nation, finally learn this epochal lesson: the need for balance. Perhaps this is how we move from our national adolescence to maturity.

Immediately, we will have accountability and justice. This weak, failed president, this national disgrace, this insurrectionist, seditionist, white supremacist fraud will, finally, despite legions of sycophants and enablers, face justice. He will leave public life so disgraced that he and his toxicity will likely be removed from public life forever.

Once the nation has integrated the reality of it, the horror of what movement conservatism, as a failed philosophy has wrought upon our nation, we can move ahead, as a more mature nation towards an authentic unity.

Not as a fig-leaf for fascism, impotence, and cowardice, but with justice, wisdom, and human decency we will find a UNITY upon which America can grow, and perhaps again, lead the free world.


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