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Dem LG Candidate Hala Ayala Calls For VA GOP Chair to Resign After He “Peddl[es] Conspiracy Theories and Racist [Tropes]”

Anderson falsely implies that pro-Trump Capitol Hill mob was actually infiltrated by "Antifa and other leftist groups"


I couldn’t agree more with Del. Hala Ayala,  a Democratic candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor in 2021, that what Virginia GOP Chair Rich Anderson spewed out (see his statement, below) comes down to “peddling conspiracy theories and racist troupes [sic]” and “is unpatriotic, especially from a former service member.” I also agree that Anderson should resign and that “Our Commonwealth deserves better” than conspiracy theories and racist tropes by the Virginia GOP Chair, but sad to say, that’s where that party’s at these days. Just make sure that we don’t elect any of them in 2021, or really until they go back to being a sane, normal, serious, responsible conservative party…

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