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Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01) Gets Absolutely *Ripped* on His Facebook Page For Voting Against Impeaching Trump

"Today was an opportunity for us to see who is on team sedition and who is on team democracy. You showed us."


Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01), who among other things disgracefully and unforgivably signed on to the insane Texas lawsuit attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, is getting absolutely ripped on his Facebook page for his latest idiocy. In this case, Witt-less Wittman attempts to justify his vote AGAINST impeaching Trump, despite Trump inciting a violent insurrection against the U.S. Congress and Capitol. According to Witt-less Wittman:

“President Trump leaves office on January 20th – in seven days – and has promised a peaceful transition of power. My vote against impeachment in no way means I agree with the President’s actions and statements leading up to the storming and illegal entry of the Capitol building, but I believe impeaching the lame-duck President before the peaceful transition of power occurs will only further inflame emotions and further divide the Nation. Our focus now needs to be on unifying our Nation and moving forward as one, and I believe impeachment does the opposite. I am fully committed to rebuilding the trust of the nation over my next two years as your Member of Congress.”

Blah blah f’ing blah. Bunch of spineless drivel, if indeed drivel can be spineless.  Anyway, whatever this crap is, it has so far resulted in over 1,100 comments, many of which are utterly scathing towards Witt-less Wittman; check out some of the top-rated ones below:

  • “Actually, your vote against impeachment shows you are fine with and in fact, support everything the President did and said leading up to and after January 6th. ‘Inflaming emotions’ of who… Trump? The people who stormed the Capitol? The people who think that what happened at the Capitol was ok? That peaceful transition- that chance has gone, it has already been destroyed. Do you even care or are you just too afraid to stand up for what’s right?”
  • “I will work hard to elect your opponent come the next election. That’s a promise. The good news is that it’s only 2 years from now!”
  • “You should resign, you are part of this crisis. Are you saying we should just let him get away with it?”
  • “You’re complicit. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t sign on to Amicus briefs to disenfranchise voters and actually vote to disenfranchise PA voters and say the votes were illegal and the election was stolen AND start talking like you’ve been against these divisive actions the entire time. Too late. You’ve been exposed. This new leaf isn’t going to convince your donors.”
  • “Our focus now needs to be on reaffirming the rule of law and our commitment to democratic norms and human rights. Saying ‘if we have consequences for people getting violent they’ll get violent’ is cowardice.”
  • “So what’s your answer to what consequences Trump should face for inciting a riot/failed rebellion where people died, our Capitol was stormed and many of your colleagues could’ve been harmed? Unity is needed but so are repercussions for his actions!!”
  • “Nice try, but your vote against imposing consequences for Trump’s actions is, in essence, tacit approval of them.”
  • “The point of impeachment is to show no one is above the law and to prevent (if Senate convicts) trump from ever running for office again.”
  • “Another post from the Wittman Redemption Campaign that rings hollow. You going along with all the lies fueled the fire on January 6, 2021. Healing and unity can only happen when there is accountability and justice. Resign. You remain an embarrassing tRump toady. Today was an opportunity for us to see who is on team sedition and who is on team democracy. You showed us.”
  • “Since you aided in the attempt to disenfranchise the voters of Pennsylvania your statement comes as no surprise. It’s difficult to believe your impeachment vote matched the will of your/our Congressional District.”
  • “Emotions are already inflamed. I would like to see you come down unequivocally on the side of Liz Cheney and the other Republicans who condemn Trump’s attempt to subvert democracy.”
  • “So how do you suggest the President be held accountable for the actions of January 6th? Because doing nothing is NOT an option.”
  • “It is necessary to convict impeachment to keep him from ever holding office again…..period. The time line is the time line. It wouldn’t matter if he had only hours left.”
  • “I am sorry the road to healing is to stop the spread. President Trump has been leading us toward this for four years and you and the other’s in the Republican Party sat back and let this happen. Instead of speaking out against the rhetoric you humored him and let him lead you all down this path. Not holding him accountable is wrong.”
  • “RESIGN!! There’s blood on your hands”
  • “No Unity Without Accountability. Accountability for those who desecrated the Capitol grounds, accountability for the President and his lick spittle toadies who invited the armed mob, and accountability for you and the other members of your Sedition Caucus.”
  • “Our nation cannot be unified and rebuilt without holding accountable those responsible for their treasonous behavior. President Trump is among those responsible and needs to be held to account. His being a lame duck President is immaterial. Justice must be served. Your vote is deeply disappointing but sadly not surprising.”
  • “You enabled Trump and his goons by being against verification of Biden’s decisive electoral victory while buying the big lie that the election was rigged based on no credible evidence, just word of mouth from Trump supporters. Now, you voted not to hold accountable for his role on 6 Jan Donald Trump, the most infamous American president since Jefferson Davis. Super weak, congressman.
  • “You have to impeach. It doesn’t matter if he’s a lame duck president. We have supported you and really appreciated you, but your decisions in recent times are a big disappointment. Impeaching the president would go a long way toward bringing unity and healing. Saying you condemn his rhetoric and decisions without taking action is meaningless.”
  • “Impeaching the lame-duck President shows that there are consequences for the words and actions of all Americans, regardless of office. It is votes like yours today, your signing of the amicus brief, your vote against PA’s electors on Jan 6, and your rhetoric leading up to it that misguided those individuals into their senseless attack. You were a part of that problem, and until you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions and hold others accountable to theirs there will be no unity or healing and the senseless violence and attempts to overthrow our government will continue.”
  • “Until you apologize for voting against certifying the election, your words are empty. If you have actual evidence for election fraud, present it. Otherwise, apologize. Without an apology, you are encouraging rebellion by violent thugs.”
  • “You cannot heal without accountability and consequences. It is embarrassing you don’t know that.”




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