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Video: Former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10) Says There’s “No Room” In the GOP For “Kooks” like Marjorie Greene

"If I were in office, I would be running to the microphone to denounce her."


See below for video of former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10), speaking a few minutes ago on CNN. First, Comstock’s asked whether Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) is right, that there are more hard-core Trump Republicans “than there are of them.”


“I don’t think so. In fact, I’m on a board for Republican women; we’re having a fundraiser for Liz Cheney this weekend. We’re getting lots of good support…We have a broad tent party, but there’s no room for people like Marjorie Greene, a conspiracy theorist who should be taken off of her committees and really I think taken out of the party, voted out of the party, not allowed to be part of the caucus. Republicans in the state of Virginia did that with a Virginia State Senator [Amanda Chase] who had similar type of outrageous comments and dangerous things [she said]. So I think it would be absurd for Republicans to be attacking Liz Cheney, who on a vote of conscience stood up courageously, as opposed to ignoring what is really vile behavior by both [Trump]  as well as people like Marjorie Greene. And Matt Gaetz has long been a divider, just like [Trump]. And if Republicans want to get back into majority, they’re not going do it with a divider in chief, who first divided the country, never had a majority one day while he was in office, and is now trying to divide our party…[People like Ben Sasse, Chris Sununu, Young Kim, Michelle Steel, etc. who ran ahead of Trump are] the future of our party, not people like Matt Gaetz or Jim Jordan – who promoted Marjorie Greene, along with Mark Meadows, they need to answer for her…all they can do is win very red seats and put in kooks like Marjorie Greene…If I were in office, I would be running to the microphone to denounce her.  And certainly I think it’s morally abhorrent that someone like that is sitting in there with a Republican label.”


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