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Video: Former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10) Says “Every minute [Trump]’s there, we are in danger”

"He's a bad man, and he's a dangerous person to be in this position."


Former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10), speaking earlier this afternoon on MSNBC, had this to say:

  • I think the president’s comments [earlier today in Texas] are just one more part of the support for impeachment. They were outrageous. I dare any Republican to say they were totally appropriate. I think the president should resign, but unlike Nixon he can’t even rise to that level…Certainly would like to see the 25th amendment used if that could be, but impeachment looks like what it’s going to need to be…This is unprecedented behavior that cannot be ignored…”
  • Every minute he’s there, we are in danger, because this is somebody who is still, I think, a threat in how he talks to his supporters, the people who came and rioted and pillaged the Capitol and then he told them ‘you’re special people’.”
  • “I think the way he’s saying, ‘Hey, if you impeach me, you don’t know what might happen’ — that itself is why we should have impeachment to address these conspiracies and to make sure the people understand how wrong and out of line and beyond anything we’ve ever seen before this has been.”
  • He’s a bad man, and he’s a dangerous person to be in this position. So I would implore Republicans…to take this very seriously – their lives and their constituents’ lives – and vote to remove this man from office…If this isn’t impeachable, what is?”


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