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Video: Virginia Grassroots Coalition Press Call Highlights Legislative Priorities for 2021 General Assembly

National Popular Vote; Paid Family Medical Leave; Paid Sick Leave; Local Food and Farm Infrastructure; Advanced Clean Car Standards; Campaign Finance Reform


The Virginia Grassroots Coalition press call a few minutes ago (see video, below) highlighted legislative priorities for the 2021 Virginia General Assembly session. According to a press release from the Coalition (“formed in April 2017…made up of more than 50 Indivisible, Swing Left, Huddle, Our Revolution, and other groups”):

Representing more than 10,000 Virginia voters, the Coalition’s main priorities for the 2021 General Assembly session are to:
  • Promote fairness and transparency in our elections and politics.
  • Create environmentally healthy communities and protect against the impact of climate change.
  • Make Virginia safer and healthier for all, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Promote equity, support our workforce, and advance the rights of all Virginia residents.
Joining with the Virginia Grassroots Coalition are: 
  • Del. Mark Levine patron of a bill on the National Popular Vote 
  • Sen. Boysko patron of a bill on Paid Family Medical Leave
  • Del. Guzman patron of a bill on Paid Sick Leave
  • Del. Rasoul patron of a bill on Local Food and Farm Infrastructure 
  • Del. Bagby, patron of a bill on Advanced Clean Car Standards
  • Del. Samirah, patron of a bill on Campaign Finance Reform
  • Luisa Boyarski, leader of the Virginia Grassroots Coalition, and other coalition representatives

There’s lots of great stuff in here; hopefully, the General Assembly will pass a bunch of it!


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