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Amanda Chase Responds to “Joking Jimmy” Kimmel After He Calls Her “Dumb” For Not Wearing a Mask, Being Forced to Sit in a “Plexiglass Box”

Chase vows: "The next time I return to Richmond it will be as Governor of Virginia. The real joke will be on you, Joking Jimmy."


The other day, comedian Jimmy Kimmel brought up Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (R), a candidate for governor, on his show.

“In Virginia, a state senator is getting a lot of attention for her strong opposition to masks.  Amanda Chase, who bills herself as Trump in heels, is a Virginia state Senator and also a frontrunner to be the Republican candidate for governor. She’s dumb, she won’t wear a mask, and since she won’t wear a mask, they put her in a plexiglass box at the meetings.”

I was wondering how long it would take for Sen. Chase to respond to this. Well, now, she has done so; see below…

Jimmy Kimmel who wears no mask, while mocking me for refusing to wear one, and apparently has no live audience, can’t handle strong independent conservative women who love God, country, family and the Constitution.

The rest of the country is pretty sick and tired of you Hollywood liberals pedaling your mentality depraved and dumpster trash morals and values to our kids.

Many of us are moms are fed up with Hollywood’s influence on our country and we’re not going to take it anymore.
We’re running for office and we’re inspiring and encouraging others to run for office as well. Don’t mess with us moms. You will lose.

I make no apologies for standing for freedom.

Apparently this Hollywood liberal with no audience is okay with the government infringing on our rights.

Weren’t the liberals just advocating for “my body my choice?” Why does that now not apply to masking and vaccinations? Just saying.

Mock me all you want. I’ve raised 4 children who are all now successful young adults that actually work for a living and have more maturity and common sense than your liberal mind can comprehend. Maybe you should get off your stage and find out how the rest of the world lives.

I have to create freedom where I can until the people vote me in as the next Governor of Virginia. All you see is a girl sitting in a box because she refuses to wear a mask. What my supporters see is that I’m the only one who fights for freedom; even if it’s the freedom to breathe and represent those who have reasons medical or otherwise that they can’t wear a mask.

What you fail to see is that I’m the only “free” Senator in that room.

The Senate adjourns this Saturday. This is the last week I will have to sit in the corner of a room in a plexiglass box.

The next time I return to Richmond it will be as Governor of Virginia.

The real joke will be on you, Joking Jimmy.

And no we won’t waste our time then creating mindless “Joking Jimmy” dolls when “We the People” recapture our country and our state.

Although it’s tempting…. to remind our kids to never allow our country to be overrun by liberals or you can become mindless like Joking Jimmy.

Give my best to your buddy Alec Baldwin who mocked me and campaigned on my street 2 years ago for with my liberal opponent.

Please let him know I won my bid for re-election to the Virginia senate seat by 10 percent points. And I’m getting ready to win the Governorship and return the power back to the people.

Please give him a quarter and tell him it’s from me.

Senator Amanda Chase
Next Governor of Virginia


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