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New Wason Center Poll: Virginians “support pot legalization, paid sick leave; most would repeal death penalty, minimum sentencing; health care, schools favored most for budget increases”

Polls show Virginians support progressive policies.


A new poll is out this morning from the Wason Center for Civic Leadership at Christopher Newport University, and as usual it shows that the majority of Virginians – in several cases the LARGE majority – agree with Democrats, not Republicans, on the issues. See below for some highlights and for the Wason Center’s polling memo.

  • “Virginia voters show very strong support for requiring employers with at least 25 employees to provide paid sick leave (88%) and strong support for allowing public employees to unionize and bargain collectively (68%).”
  • More than two out of three voters support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana (68%).”
  • Majorities favor repealing the death penalty (56%) and eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for some offenses (55%).
  • A majority of Virginia voters support increasing state spending on health care (69%); K-12 education (66%); economic development (60%); social services, such as food and housing aid (60%); and public safety (60%), while 50% support higher spending on environmental protection. Few voters overall favor state spending decreases. Even in areas where decreases find the most voter support, support for increases is about equal or higher, including tourism (27% decrease vs. 26% increase); prisons and jails (24% vs. 28%); and cultural institutions, such as museums (22% vs. 31%).”
  • “A very strong majority of Virginia voters support providing state tax rebates to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles (70%).”


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