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The Virginia GOP Is Trapped In a Trumpian Maze Of Its Own Creation


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

The Virginia GOP is Trapped in a Trumpian Maze Of Its Own Creation

The New York Times reports: “In a sign of the Trump era’s lingering alternate realities, Republicans in the struggling state party are refusing to move forward with a new system for choosing nominees.”

Richmond, VA — This week, the Virginia GOP’s crippling disarray reached new heights. While they still haven’t figured out how they will select their nominee this year, Virginia Republicans’ complete devotion to Donald Trump has them mired in a desperate, bitter, chaotic internal clash. Meanwhile, the weak Republican candidates are attacking the party’s flailing leadership, and each other, over this disastrous primary process.

Today, new polling shows that Amanda Chase is still the strong frontrunner in this incredibly weak Republican field. Despite the Republican Party of Virginia’s clear, concerted efforts to keep Chase from winning the nomination, she is leading the field — and the rest of the candidates are struggling to keep up. 

New reporting from The New York Times reveals just how craven and chaotic the Virginia GOP’s situation truly is. Read key excerpts below and find the full report here:


…”in a sign of the Trumpian times of denial and dispute in the G.O.P., nearly half of the party’s top officials are still trying to reverse the results.

The refusal of these Republicans to admit that they have lost, or to agree on a set of nominating rules, has fractured a state party already in upheaval”

…. State Republicans have internalized the lesson that there is no benefit to accepting results they don’t like, and the result is a paralyzed party unable to set the date, location and rules for how and when it will pick its 2021 nominees for statewide office, including the race for governor.

…[Former Rep. Tom Davis (R)]: “The reality now is even when Republicans pull together, they have a hard time winning, and when they’re divided, they have no shot of winning.”


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