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Video: At “Patriots” Gubernatorial Forum, Glenn Youngkin Says “JV” Pete Snyder Should Be “Ashamed” For His “Lies”; Snyder Responds, “IF I ever hit you, you will know”

In other news, Snyder says he won't stand for his daughter getting cut from her lacrosse team b/c of "someone who two weeks ago used to be a dude"


Republican extremism these days is certainly not confined to Congress or to CPAC. For instance, check out this video from the “Fredericksburg Area Patriots Forum,” as the Virginia Republicans gubernatorial candidates (except for Kirk Cox, who for whatever reason didn’t show up), spewed out extremism and lies about “voter fraud,” “stolen elections,” yada yada yada. Really, it’s not even worth watching, except to emphasize how crucial it is that NONE of these people ever are elected, let alone as governor of Virginia. Oh, and if you ever read in the Washington Post or other “mainstream media” that there are “reasonable” or “moderate” Republicans in this field, after watching this video, I think you’ll all agree after watching this video that the media’s either completely misinformed or pushing a false narrative, because it’s simply not the case that these Republican candidates are “moderates” in any way/shape/form. With that, check out these two clips, which are both highly revealing about what we’re dealing with here…specifically in the case of Pete Snyder, and the obvious animosity between Snyder and rival Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin.

First, Glenn Youngkin rips Snyder for “ads run against me, accusing me of things.” Youngkin says he wants to “address those right now”:

“First, on China, I’ve done business in China, I’ve beat the Chinese. Who do you want leading Virginia, somebody who understands that the Chinese are actually trying to take over the world…someone who President Trump stood up and thanked personally, Glenn Youngkin of the Carlyle Group…for helping him in the trade deal… Who do you want leading that? Do you want the JV or do you want the varsity?…We have backed dozens and dozens of Republicans…No, these are lies, and the person behind them should be ashamed. And we all know who it is, Pete! We know who it is. We all know who it is. Pete, you deserve to give all these people an apology. It is as if we are behaving like those Democrat [sic] prosecutors in the Trump impeachment trial…This is not right.”

Snyder then took the microphone, turned to Youngkin, and declared, “IF I ever hit you, you will know.”

Also, check out the following video, in which Snyder says the following:

“Why are we even talking about this now? We’re in a global pandemic, and these ridiculous policies that the left is pushing at us, to try to have transgender bathrooms in our schools.  You know, I missed my daughter’s lacrosse practice today; first time ever. Well guess what, there is no way I’m going to come home to her three years from now and have to see her crying because she got cut from the team or isn’t even starting, because someone who two weeks ago used to be a dude. I’m sorry, not happening on my watch.”


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