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Video: Sen. Kaine Calls Impeachment Trial “Uncharted Waters,” Says It’s “Likely to Last Into Early Next Week”

Kaine: "Ultimately I think there need to be consequences for [Trump's] actions"


Earlier this afternoon, Sen. Tim Kaine spoke with Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post. Check out the video, below, and also here are some highlights, courtesy of the WaPo. Also, Sen. Kaine predicts that the impeachment trial – “uncharted waters,” as he calls it – is “likely to last into early next week,” with evidence largely being “video evidence” and “not yet completely clear” whether there will be live witnesses.

  • On the impeachment trial: “I have been very, very worried that we’ll get to the end of this trial and Trump will be acquitted again… I hope there can be some light shed and some truth found, but ultimately I think there need to be consequences for these actions and I’m at little bit nervous about that going into this trial.”
  • Is censure still on the table after this?: “[W]e could get into this trial — the evidence could be so graphic it might make some Republicans say we have to do something, and Democrats contemplating the prospect of an acquittal that would embolden Trump might decide it shouldn’t be impeachment or nothing, maybe there is an alternative we could consider. So I think it’s still very much a live option that people understand the question is will it get a new look and maybe some momentum as we get into the trial.”
  • On the $1.9 trillion COVID rescue package and bipartisan support: “Once we Democrats have said to Republicans in the Senate we’re doing this by reconciliation… Republicans are very actively engaged with us about in talking about things they would like to see in the bill.”
  • “I can guarantee the ultimate bill that’s voted on, in the reconciliation process, is going to have Democratic priorities  but Republican priorities too. What I’m not sure about, at the end of the day, is will Republicans vote for it.”
  • On Virginia’s increase in vaccine distribution: “What Governor Northam eventually decided, and I certainly was urging this and others were too– go ahead and deploy all of your vaccine giving dose ones to as many people as you can and let’s count on the muscle of the American manufacturing capacity to produce enough for dose two.”

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