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Why I Support Mark Herring For Reelection as Attorney General


by Mike Pudhorodsky, Candidate, House of Delegate 89th District

Mark Herring has been one of the most progressive Attorneys General in the country the past seven years.  For instance, shortly after taking office, Herring defended the rights of LGBT couples to get married, which then resulted in a court in the Eastern District of Virginia to rule that Virginia’s ban of gay couples to get married unconstitutional. Without AG Herring’s leadership in this regard, I am not sure this would have ever happened.  Overall, Herring has been a true progressive, which is especially impressive in a state that has had some of the most conservative Attorneys General – Ken Cuccinelli, Bob McDonnell, etc. – in the country.

Through his time in office, AG Herring has:

  • Fought for the most underserved throughout the Commonwealth, including those who have had contact with the criminal justice system.
  • Been an advocate for the rights of women, fighting back against Republicans’ attacks on reproductive rights and economic fairness.
  • Been one of the foremost authorities in the country battling the heroin and opioid crises that the state faces, especially in Southwest Virginia.  During his time in office AG Herring and his office have prosecuted more than 75 cases against heroin dealers and traffickers, resulting in a safer and healthier Virginia.
  • Been a leader nationally on one of the most important issues of our day – combating gun violence.  He has worked with members of the General Assembly to push through legislation that reduces the number of firearms that are on the streets throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Made sure that our children are protected and safe from not only online predators but those that seek to take advantage of our children and young adults. This is the most important issue for me, so I’m very pleased that AG Herring has been a national leader in this regard, and will continue to do so when he is reelected.

Experience matters, and Mark Herring has the experience that is needed to continue to move Virginia forward in a positive and progressive way. Mark Herring has the experience in the courtroom to fight for the most underserved here in Virginia.  I know that if Mark Herring is giving a third term, he will continue the progress that we have seen in the past seven years under his leadership.

In sum, Mark Herring has most definitely earned a third term as Attorney General of Virginia.  He has been progressive and fair and has made the Attorney General’s office one of the most progressive in the nation, which we sorely needed after the AG’s office being far right for too many years.  I fully support AG Herring’s re-election bid and urge Virginia Democrats to do the same.



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