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Wild Virginia Statement re: US Court of Appeals For DC Circuit Decision On “Stay” Request For Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction in Limited Areas


From Wild Virginia:

Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit issued an order (attached) denying a request from citizen groups to stay decisions by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that allow Mountain Valley Pipeline construction to proceed in certain limited areas.

On behalf of Wild Virginia:

While we believe a stay was justified, we know that the legal standard for such emergency action is very high and that stays are relatively rare. Our arguments were compelling to FERC chairman Glick and we remain confident in our chance of success after the court learns more.

Aside from this case, opponents have many other avenues to stop this dangerous and unjustified project and this decision will not create even the slightest letup in our efforts. We will continue to pursue every legal and policy avenue available.
The pipeline promoters must eventually see that the will to save our communities and our natural treasures is unbreakable. Dominion and Duke finally learned that lesson and abandoned the ACP. The big question is, how much more money will MVP developers waste and how much more pain will they impose on residents before they relent?

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