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Audio: Amanda Chase Says If Pete Snyder Wins “Rigged” Convention, She’ll Run as Independent in November

Chase: Everyone knows "it is Pete Snyder's campaign that is running a rigged election"


First off, thanks to independent journalist Brandon Jarvis of Virginia Scope (which often is ahead of the “corporate media,” by the way, despite having far fewer resources) for the scoop and the “heads up” on this important news:

In an interview with Jeff Katz of WRVA, Republican gubernatorial candidate Amanda Chase discussed the upcoming GOP nomination convention to choose the Republican nominee for governor…

Chase: Well,  what I’m telling you is that if Pete Snyder is chosen as the nominee, I will probably run as an independent, because his campaign — and other campaigns feel this as well, they’re just not willing to be as vocal as I am — it is Pete Snyder’s campaign that is running a rigged election.”

Also, click here or below to listen to the interview. Basically, Chase says that she’s a loyal Republican, signed a pledge to support the nominee and is a person of her word, EXCEPT….if Pete Snyder’s the nominee, then the convention was clearly “rigged” and screw it, she’ll probably run as an independent.

Host: OK so so just so we’re clear; So if Pete Snyder gets the nomination Amanda Chase definitely runs as an independent in November. If Glenn Youngkin or Kirk Cox gets the nomination you’ll be out campaigning on their behalf.

Chase: Absolutely.

So, from a Democratic perspective…go Pete Snyder (despite him being extreme, slimy, etc.)? I mean, with Snyder as the VA GOP’s nominee and Chase running as an independent, it sure does seem highly likely that Democrats would win the governorship for the third straight election (2013, 2017, 2021), and the fifth out of the past six elections (2001, 2005, 2013, 2017, 2021). The only possible downside of this? It’s conceivable that a Chase independent candidacy *could* lead to higher turnout of the Trumpian base, potentially hurting Dems “down ballot.” On the other hand, Republicans would be busy fighting with themselves, so that might counterbalance anything like that. We’ll see…but meanwhile, sit back, relax, and pop up a bunch of popcorn!  Heh.

P.S. I’m still thinking Kirk Cox is the favorite for the VA GOP gubernatorial nomination, which would mean the above scenario(s) would be moot.


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