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Audio: VA GOP Gov Candidate Kirk Cox Praises Georgia’s Jim Crow Voter Suppression Law, Muses About How Virginia “Could Go Further”


Delegate/former Speaker Kirk Cox (R) has always been a hard-right guy, definitely not a “moderate” by any stretch of the imagination, and his campaign for the Virginia Republican governor’s nomination has certainly proceeded along that hard-right line, on basically every issue. That includes on voting rights, where Cox has been yammering about “election integrity,” which of course is Republican code language for voter suppression, and is basically just perpetuating Trump’s Big Lies about supposed “voter fraud” in this country, while using those lies as an excuse to suppress the votes of – NOT coincidentally – mostly minority voters. With that in mind, check out Cox praising Georgia’s disgraceful, outrageous, Jim Crow-style new voting law, and musing about how Virginia “could go further.” Shudddderrrr…just make sure this guy does NOT get elected this November!

“I think some of the things, we could go further, that Georgia just did are very important. We’ve got to get [inaudible] back – this is a really key one, voter id for absentee ballots, which would be I think something very smart. The Democrats have implemented something called drop boxes, which they put in multiple locations. Georgia has done a really good job of really limiting how many drop boxes you can have, making sure they’re secure and they’re emptied daily. And we’ve got to hold our local election officials accountable, when obviously they break the law. So there’s a there’s a whole host of agenda things we can do. But we gotta get elected first…I mean, if we don’t do those things, and we can certainly as governor run a robust campaign that really puts a lot of money of getting good people that know the statutes and laws inside the polls as observers.”


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