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Ranked Choice Voting Polls: Virginia Democratic Governor and Lt. Governor Nominations [UPDATED]


UPDATED: Cindy closed the polls Monday evening; awaiting her report on the results.

As you’re probably aware, the Democratic Party of Virginia opted to nominate its 2021 statewide candidates (for governor, Lt. Gov. and Attorney General) via a primary on June 8. In contrast, the Republican Party of Virginia is going with an “unassembled caucus” (aka, “firehouse”) on May 8, with around 40 locations around the state and also using Ranked Choice Voting. That latter point is important, of course, as with multiple candidates, if you do NOT use some form of Ranked Choice Voting or hold a runoff election, it could very well mean that the party ends up with a nominee who gets less – potentially FAR less, when there are many candidates (such as the Dem Lt. Gov. primary, which has eight candidates, so theoretically someone could win with just under 13% of the vote – ugh). And that, in my opinion, is unacceptable. So in that one way, and one way only, I’d argue that the VA GOP nomination process has an advantage over the VA Democratic nomination process, since – for whatever asinine reason(s) – the state does not allow Ranked Choice Voting in state-run primaries. Ugh.

Anyway, with all that in mind, see below for two polls using Ranked Choice Voting software, both posted by Cindy of VAPLAN. So…vote below for your choices in the Democratic governor and Lt. Governor primaries.  Please only vote once, of course.  Thanks.


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