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This Latest Email From Right-Wing Sen. Amanda Chase Is VERY Revealing About VA GOP Priorities

Chase's top policy priorities are fighting against "forcing schools to accept biological boys onto girls’ sports teams", getting out of the Paris Climate Accords and ditching masks.


There’s a great deal to unpack in this latest email from State Senator Amanda Chase, a candidate for the VA GOP gubernatorial nomination. It’s also VERY revealing about where the Trump GOP(Q)’s collective head is at these days. Check out the first three items, for instance, to get a sense of these people’s priorities; Chase vows “to reverse or challenge [these policies] in court “:

  1. “Forcing schools to accept biological boys onto girls’ sports teams”;
  2. “Putting the US back in the Paris Climate Accords…. Without Senate approval, which is required by the Constitution”;
  3. “Mandated mask wearing on all forms of public transportation”.

Wait, what? THOSE are Republican priorities? Hurting transgender kids, hurting the environment, hurting people’s health…key word, hurting. Ugh. And what on earth does ” I am an America First state senator, and I will be an America First Governor of Virginia” even mean? Or how about “I intend to use the power of the Governor’s office to fight, frustrate, and undo any and all of Biden’s crazy policies?” She’s going to do that as governor of Virginia? What?

And how about her attack on the Equality Act, the purpose of which is “to expand protections for LGBTQ people in Central Virginia and across the country?” Or her assault on voting rights? On “red flag laws?” On “critical race theory?” etc. Do you see *anything* in here about working to make Virginians’ lives better? Any focus on improving education? expanding healthcare? protecting people from discrimination? protecting the environment and making Virginia a leader in the multi-trillion-dollar clean energy economy? combatting racial discrimination and injustice? Nope, nothing.

The thing is, it’s not just Amanda Chase who thinks this way. It’s basically all the statewide Virginia GOP candidates this year, all of whom may have different *styles* than Chase, but not really different policy priorities. Just remember that when it’s time to vote this coming fall, and of course vote “blue” up and down your ballot!

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