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Rachel Levy Officially Launches Campaign for the 55th Virginia House of Delegates District

The district is currently (mis)represented by right-wing Republican Del. Buddy Fowler.


See below for a press release from the Rachel Levy for Delegate campaign announcing their official launch in House of Delegates District 55 (65.8% Hanover County, 23.4% Caroline County, 10.8% Spotsylvania County). The deep-red district (went for Trump 58%-37% in 2016 and for Corey Stewart 55%-43% in 2018) is currently (mis)represented by right-wing Republican Del. Buddy Fowler. Good luck to Rachel Levy in her campaign!

Ashland, VA – Today, a long-time champion of the 55th district and nationally
recognized public education advocate Rachel Levy officially launched her campaign
for the Virginia House of Delegates. “I am thrilled to announce my candidacy as
the sole Democratic primary candidate in the 55th district,” said Levy. “The
time is now to invest in our institutions and in our people and to safeguard our
well-being and our resources. I will work to make our public education system
stronger and more equitable, to ensure access to affordable healthcare, to protect
our environment for our children and grandchildren, and to ensure that our economy
works for ALL of us. I will represent the people of Hanover, Caroline, and
Spotsylvania with the same integrity and passion that represents my work as an
advocate, community leader, and educator.”

“As a mother, I felt helpless when my child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes six
years ago- helpless to prevent him from getting the disease, helpless that there
was no cure, and helpless about what this meant for his future. But then I realized
there were legislative solutions. As a private citizen, I fought with other parent
advocates for the passage of the insulin cap bill to lower and cap insulin prices to
$50 dollars. But that was just a small drop in the bucket. There is so much more I
can do. Diabetes, disease, healthcare needs don’t know a party. As a legislator in
the House of Delegates, I will be the opposite of helpless. I will be empowered to
fight for the healthcare rights of every Virginian, no matter how they vote.”

The daughter of two civil rights attorneys and long-time 55th resident, parent,
teacher, and community leader, Rachel is committed to serving the community. “I
believe that Virginia’s 55th District deserves independent minded, principled,
service-oriented, and competent representation. The people of the 55th district
deserve to be treated fairly and with respect, no matter who you are, what your
background is, who you love, or how you vote. You deserve to be heard, you deserve to be treated with respect, and you deserve a representative who shows up and who works extremely hard for you.”

Rachel is a longtime member of the Hanover Democratic Committee, a leader of the group Together Hanover, and a member of the Hanover NAACP. In 2019, she was
selected to serve as Jury Commissioner for the Ashland District of Hanover. Rachel
also holds a PhD in education, and on education matters, she is known for her
solution-oriented and evidence-based advocacy for increased and more equitable
funding and making our schools more welcoming and equitable for all students. She
was recognized as one of six Vox Populi (“people not afraid to speak up, and act
out, for local causes they believe in”) by Richmond Magazine in 2015. She was a
leader in the most recent movement to finally change the Confederate named schools and mascots in Hanover. She also has served as a leader of the group Friends of Hanover Schools, as a local PTA unit leader, on several committees of the local school districts in the 55th, on Governor-elect Ralph Northam’s PK-12 policy
council, and as a local Education Association president. She is active in her
synagogue where she has taught Religious School, served on the Education Committee, and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

The 55th covers western Hanover, almost all of Caroline County, and parts of
Spotsylvania County. Rachel lives in the Town of Ashland with her husband and three children and can’t wait to serve the people of the 55th District in the Virginia
House of Delegates.

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